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Benign tumours

Lipomas are benign tumours consisting of fat tissue that occur under the skin. They are soft, moveable masses and often have a negative aesthetic effect because of the way they cause the skin to bulge. Lipomas may reach a considerable size. Usually they sit loosely in the tissue, however they can occasionally grow into the muscle. They can be removed using special aesthetic suturing techniques on a surgical outpatient basis. In the case of small lipomas it may also be possible to dissolve them using enzymes (lipolysis).

To the layperson, a cyst may seem to be similar to a lipoma: they can appear on all parts of the body, in considerable numbers in some people. A cyst consists of a ball-shaped piece of vital epidermis that has come to rest in the subcutaneous tissue due to an injury or a congenital growth disturbance. Due to the many dead cells inside the cyst that are unable to find a way out, cysts may grow continuously and reach a significant size. Cysts tend to become inflamed, since bacteria will happily spread in the mass of dead cells. They can be removed surgically using aesthetic suturing techniques, and since they usually sit loosely under the skin, they can normally be extracted without damaging the surrounding tissue.