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Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis (also known as “fat removal”) has been used since the mid-nineties to treat annoying local fat deposits. Lipolysis literally means “fat dissolution”. Unlike liposuction which removes/suctions off fat in mechanical fashion, lipolysis dissolves the fat biochemically. It uses a drug called Lipostabil®. Lipostabil® contains phosphatidylcholine extracted from soy beans.

With very thin needles Lipostabil® is injected into the areas concerned where it dissolves the fat cells and stimulates fat breakdown. The body metabolizes the fatty tissue permanently and in natural fashion.

Injection lipolysis is used in normal weight patient with problem areas, e.g., unsightly small fat deposits which do not improve despite sports and healthy nutrition and are too small for liposuction. Injection lipolysis is suited for the treatment of fat deposits in the face (e.g., double chin, cheeks, neck), on the body (e.g. saddlebags, inside of thighs, love handles, upper and lower abdominal wall, arms and their joints, and shoulder joints), modelling of problem areas, as well in the treatment of cellulite and lipomas. The treatment is not meant to be used for weight loss. Injection lipolysis is regarded as the perfect adjunct in liposuction.

For best results about two to six sessions four to eight weeks apart are needed, depending on the body region and amount of fat to be dissolved.

The injection of Lipostabil® into the fatty tissue may result in a slight burning or pressure sensation at the injection site. In some cases, there may be temporary reddening, swelling and sore-muscle like complaints or haematomas. However, these are only short-lived and will disappear within a few days. According to the published literature more than 80% of patients are very satisfied after two to three treatment sessions.