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Moles and scars

This includes fibromas, senile warts, connective tissue nodules and rare birthmarks. Scars sometimes form exuberant reactions and keloid.

With increasing age many people develop nodular and lobular changes in the skin as well as senile warts, wart-like formations of bright pink to blackish colouration, often in great numbers. In bare areas of the body such as the face and cleavage these skin changes may be quite annoying aesthetically. In other areas, for example on the chest, their rough surface may result in uncomfortable skin irritation, particularly when perspiration increases.

Diagnosis almost never requires the removal of tissue specimens. State-of-the art laser technology makes it possible to remove even large numbers of moles under local anaesthesia, leaving quite attractive results.

When screening moles for skin cancer we rely on a cutting-edge diagnostic tool which shines light of different wavelengths into the skin, thereby giving us insight into its deeper layers.

In many cases annoying scars can at least be improved aesthetically. Here, fractionated CO2 lasers and colour dye lasers offer excellent results. In case of thick scars supplementary injection therapy and surgical techniques employing liquid nitrogen yield good outcomes.