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Heavy swollen legs, prominent veins and brownish or reddish discoloration of the lower legs are indicative of chronic venous disorder. A painless ultrasound study is the first step in the diagnostic work-up. In most cases varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem. The continuous reflux of blood during the day overloading the supporting tissues and deep veins may result in a variety of sequels.

These range from permanent discoloration of the skin to open sores, erysipelas and superficial venous infections to life-threatening deep thrombosis with subsequent embolism of the lungs. If the varicose veins impair function, they mandate treatment either with compressions stockings 24/7 or surgery. Localized varicose veins may be sclerosed in an outpatient procedure. We will advise you in detail about the various options open to you. Endurance sports such as swimming, bicycling and hiking are perfect to relieve the veins and decongest the tissues. Sitting and long standing have a detrimental effect.

Medically speaking, the often rather numerous spider veins, small branching red and blue superficial veins of the leg, are harmless but can be cosmetically annoying. Young women with such genetic disposition may develop these spider veins as young as about 20 years of age. Apart from the standard sclerosis treatment with extremely fine needles, which glue together the thin walls of the spider veins, these veins may also be removed with state-of-the art laser technology. In our office we rely on the highly effective Nd:YAG laser.