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Warts are a disagreeable, often stubborn problem. They are caused by certain viruses – tiny pathogens – that multiply within the cells. Warts most often develop during childhood and adolescence, which is probably due to the fact that the immune system in the skin still needs to mature at this age. Poor shoes, sweating and poor circulation promote the development of warts. Due to the growth of the pathogen in the cells, in some cases treatment can be protracted.

We offer several therapeutic methods for the treatment of warts. Individual warts can be removed very easily under local anaesthetic with a CO2 laser. However, in this case a healing period of around 2 weeks is to be expected. Treatment by freezing using liquid nitrogen in combination with an infrared treatment (Wira) takes longer. This method destroys the blood vessels that supply the warts. The individual treatment sessions take place at intervals of 1-2 weeks. We use homeopathic medicines to support all wart treatments and, where necessary, the state-of-the-art drug, Imiquimod, which activates the body’s own defences in a targeted way.

A particular kind of wart that occurs almost exclusively in childhood is the highly-contagious molluscum contagiosum, or water wart. These are primarily caught through contact at the swimming pool and spread at home through common use of a single towel or by bathing together. They are easy and almost painless to remove; in children an anaesthetic cream is applied beforehand.