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Dermatology is a challenge for scientific ambition and human participation.

In recent years dermatology has become extremely dynamic. Thanks to international cooperation at a high level, we are constantly benefiting from the results of current research and new knowledge.

Some conditions now need to be reclassified: for example melasma can no longer be trivialised as a cosmetic problem, but instead should be seen as a chronic change. Research has given us a new understanding of psoriasis; our patients can expect individualised therapies from us which weigh up and exploit a broad spectrum of possibilities across the board. We know what a detrimental effect skin conditions can have on the psyche – and we bear a great responsibility here, considering how, for example, acne can limit a sufferer’s perception of their quality of life more severely than a life-threatening heart condition.

On the aesthetic side, quantum leaps in our understanding of biological skin renewal are contributing to the fact that a sensible approach to anti-ageing is now prevailing. As a result, new, highly-effective treatment methods can now be developed.



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